Case Studies


Through a collaborative effort with Demand Nexus, Marketo experienced heightened lead generation, cost efficiency, and substantial growth.


Demand Nexus's tailored campaigns yielded over 24,000 leads for Adobe, effectively reducing costs and fueling growth.


Leveraging Demand Nexus's strategic approach, BambooHR witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue and achieved exponential growth through a high conversion to opportunity percentage.

Tata Communications

Demand Nexus's data-centric strategies played a pivotal role in fostering growth for Tata Communications, generating high-quality leads even amid the global pandemic.


Demand Nexus's personalized campaigns contributed to PwC's lead generation success, resulting in a more targeted and effective approach to boost overall growth.

NewYork Life

New York Life benefited from Demand Nexus's partnership, experiencing improved ROI, heightened email engagement, and the generation of high-quality leads through targeted content syndication.

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