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DemandNexus takes pride in fostering a community where the aspirations of both talents and clients evolve into remarkable achievements. Join us as we strive to build the world’s most human-centric demand generation company.

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Adithya Sulaiman

Adithya Sulaiman serves as the Director of Business Development at DemandNexus, a dynamic B2B marketing solutions firm. With a wealth of experience spanning 8 years, Adithya has excelled in appointment setting and sales management across diverse industry campaigns. His strategic leadership has driven over $3B in sales, making him a pivotal force in achieving unparalleled success.

Om Bhapkar

Om Bhapkar spearheads the Innovation and Technology division at Demand Nexus. As the Director of Product & Technology, Om collaborates closely with leadership teams to formulate and execute innovative product strategies. With Om at the helm, Demand Nexus thrives at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and strategic product development.

Shaun Godinho

Shaun Godinho is a seasoned expert in Press Release Communication, specializing in crafting impactful narratives and strategic messaging. With a rich background in the field, Shaun's impressive portfolio includes collaborations with prominent names such as Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Reuters, and Merrill Lynch, as well as fintech innovators like GoldenSource, Fundtech, Numerix, Trayport, and Information Mosaic.

Suresh Bhuj

Suresh Bhuj is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of expertise in the dynamic realm of digital marketing. With a wealth of experience, Suresh has navigated the evolving landscape, contributing to the success of numerous digital campaigns. As a stalwart in digital marketing, Suresh Bhuj continues to shape and lead successful online initiatives with his wealth of experience and strategic insight

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